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Our Price: $7.99

12 oz Bottle Wilwood’s specially formulated Hi-Temp° 570 Racing Brake Fluid has a minimum 570° F. dry boiling point of, to withstand the severe heat requirements of automotive racing. Hi-Temp° 570’s low viscosity allows easy bleeding of your brake system, eliminating aeration of the brake fluid caused by foaming due to excessive pumping of the pedal.
Our Price: $8.49

• Cleans, protects & lubricates
• Forms a tack-free grease coating
• Resists Oil and Dust Build Up
• Heat resistant to 400°F
• Ideal for all types of racing
• Non-flammable

Can be used on:

• Rod End or Heim Joints
• Trailer Locks & Hinges
• Motorcycle Chains
• Tools
• Linkages
• Any metal surface 17oz Can
Optix Plus Plastic Window Cleaner
Our Price: $8.95

    Optix Plus is specially formulated to be the ultimate product for cleaning and protecting clear plastics.
  • It was developed to repel finger smudges, dirt, dust, grime and moisture with a streak and haze free finish.
  • It has a special anti-fog agent that prevents fogging before the problem begins!
  • It contains no chemicals or abrasives that will cause damage to plastics and windows.

  • All clear plastics (polycarbonate, acrylic/Plexiglas®, etc.)
  • helmet face shields
  • lenses
  • windows
  • windshield tear-offs
  • window tints
  • colored plastics
  • safety glazing
  • painted surfaces
24oz Bottle
Our Price: $9.52

12oz. Bottle
  • Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20°
  • Superior heat transfer properties compared to glycol-based antifreeze
  • Compatible with new or used antifreeze (including DEX-COOL and long-life versions) to improve the heat transfer of ethylene and propylene glycol systems
  • Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature
  • Designed for use with all modern aluminum, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze cooling systems
  • Cleans and lubricates water pump seals
  • Reduces cavitation and complexes with hard water to reduce scaling
  • Does not lower cooling system below the thermostatically-controlled temperature
Our Price: $9.99

1 US Quart

Mudd Off creates a non-stick shield that keeps mud, dirt and debris from sticking to your vehicle. Will not harm paint, plastics or metals. Environmentally safe. Reduces clean up time.

1 quart concentrate. Mix 12:1 with water to make 3 gallons.

Our Price: $10.91

12 Fluid Oz For faster lifting action without foaming. Specially formulated for aluminum jacks.
Helps prevent

Our Price: $10.95

12oz. Bottle
  • Prevents gelling and corrosion in methanol and nitromethane fuel systems
  • Lubricates upper cylinder and fuel system, increases power with more ring seal
  • Replaces lubrication lost by wash of dry fuels
  • Not detectable by normal fuel tests, mixes with only slight agitation
  • Use 1oz per 5 gallons, one bottle treats up to 55 gallons
  • Do not use with catalytic converters
Our Price: $10.99

1 US Quart
  • Improved wear protection, resists thermal breakdown, evaporation and foaming
  • Provides continued high pump output, suitable for most power steering units
  • Lightweight fluid avoids power losses
  • 50% greater high-temp viscosity and 1/5 of the high-temp evaporation
  • Greater heat resistance helps to prevent boil-over
  • Helps to prevent high-temp steering fade and difficult effort steering at low temps
  • Compatible with petroleums and synthetics
  • 1/4 of the oxidation of petroleum power steering fluids
  • Helps prevent leakage and squealing
Our Price: $11.95

14oz Tube
  • Outperforms the best conventional or synthetic greases and lubes
  • Withstands extreme temperature and pressure in wheel bearings, U-joints, and high-angle CV Joints
  • Excellent high-temp stability, extreme-pressure protection, and water resistance
  • Used in a variety of applications with operating temps from -100°F to 500°F
  • Strong resistance to oxidation and corrosion, low evaporation and oil separation with a minimum effect on rubber seals
  • Contains an organic moly for chassis lubrication and high temp/high speed industrial equipment
  • Synthetic fluidity allows increases in bearing life up to 200%
  • Will darken after high-temp use-not detrimental to performance
Our Price: $11.99

1 US Quart
  • Similar to a Type F fluid, featuring even higher viscosity and no friction modifiers
  • Produces faster shifts, quicker lock-up, better converter efficiency at high temps
  • Enhanced extreme-pressure additives provide 5-times better film strength than petroleum ATFs
  • Reduced clutch and gear wear compared to petroleum ATFs
  • Satisfies GL-4 gear oil requirements